The Fire Station


5710 Spencer St

The Fire Station is an adaptive reuse project which Marnell Properties took on in 2006 to redevelop an abandoned fire station in central Las Vegas. Formerly owned by the Clark County government, the property was facing certain demolition when the local fire fighters were re-staffed elsewhere. In lieu of knocking down a usable structure, Marnell Properties offered to take over the vacant building in hopes to re-purpose it as a positive addition to the local community.

Keeping the existing structure in place, the property was re-positioned to be used as an auto restoration facility and in 2010 was leased to SinCity BMW, one of the top BMW restoration specialists in the country. Since taking occupancy at the Fire Station, SinCity BMW has become one of the top BMW restoration specialists in North America. Recently, the BMW corporate headquarters chose Sin City BMW to be featured in the 40 Year Anniversary Film of the 3 Series.

The film can be viewed here:


Fully leased.

Fully leased.