Anthony Marnell II

Wendy Zabaidi
Property Manager

As Property Manager for Marnell Properties, Ms. Zabaidi manages over a million square feet of office and retail space in Nevada and Montana. An experienced property manager with over twenty years management experience Ms. Zabaidi strives to establish strong working relationships and maintain personal contact with all tenants. By establishing immediate team follow-up to all tenant requests and working closely with all property vendors, Ms. Zabaidi fosters a professional,welcoming environment in the properties under her management and cultivates lasting client relationships.  Ms.Zabaidi prides herself on her team approach to maintaining a high standard of overall property appearance, efficiency and profitability. 

Prior to Marnell Properties, Ms. Zabaidi worked as an Assistant Property Manager for a management/development company in California and as Associate General Manager for one of the largest real estate management/development companies in Las  Vegas where she and her team were the proud recipients of the 2007 BOMA Award for Suburban Low-Rise Office building of the Year.